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Lapp Character Holder for Cable & Component Marking Systems 7.9mm

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Fleximark Acid-proof Labelling System. From Lapp, the Fleximark cable marking kits present a robust and versatile way of identifying cabling in challenging environments. The acid-proof system is intended for sure, long lasting marking of cables and components where traditional plastic labelling cannot meet the demands, such as high temperature environments. Other areas of use include labelling pipes, hoses, ground-based cables, and situations where the labelling must still be visible after a fire. Fleximark Acid-Proof consists of character strips manufactured of polished SS 2348 (AISI-316) stainless acid-proof steel, with break marks for each individual character. Each character strip contains 20 fixed-width characters, which can be broken off and mounted in the different holders. Features and Benefits • Easy to combine and manufacture signs for cable and component labelling at the installation site • Convex embossed text can be painted over and can be scraped free of dirt without being damaged • Extremely resistant to most chemicals, high temperature (up to 500°C), weather corrosion, and UV radiation The Starter Kit ; 433-1465 433-1465 is a complete starter kit with the necessary components to begin marking immediately. • 40 characters each of "A" to "Z" (1040 in total) • 40 numerals each of "0" to "9" (400 in total) • 40 each of eleven different symbols (440 in total) • 10 cable ties with ball end - dimensions L.200, W.4.6 • Character holders with holes for screws ( 5 each of five different sizes) • Character holders with holes and slots (5 each of five different sizes) • Pliers The "0" to "9" Kit ; 433-1998 433-1998 contains 20 of each numeral from 0 to 9 (200 in total) The "A" to "Z" Kit ; 433-1982 433-1982 contains 20 of each alphabet character from A to Z (520 in total) The Character Holders Character holders at different sizes are also available. • ; 433-2008 433-2008 is a FlexiMark Character Holder with spaces for 6 Characters • ; 433-2014 433-2014 is a FlexiMark Character Holder with spaces for 8 Characters • ; 433-2020 433-2020 is a FlexiMark Character Holder with spaces for 12 Characters • ; 433-2036 433-2036 is a FlexiMark Character Holder with spaces for 16 Characters • ; 433-2042 433-2042 is a FlexiMark Character Holder with spaces for 46 Characters Dimensions • The characters, numerals and symbols:Holder dimensions - Height 11mm (various available) • The PR10NM type have two holes central to a slotted depression for cable tie feed-through, which offers options for fixing • Characters, numerals, and symbols are supplied in lots of 200, the pack containing ten strips of 20 of identical characters, numerals, or symbols • Character (and others) overall dimensions- H.9.5, W.6.0
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Accessory Type:
Character Holder
For Use With:
Cable & Component Marking Systems
Carrier Width:
Stainless Steel
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